Opportunities with
Artificial Intelligence
in Serbia


Serbian Government Leading the Way

Serbian Government Leading the Way

AI talent in Serbia demonstrates

Creative Knowledge

Employing AI talent is

Cost Efficient

Your commitment is


Internationally Recognized

Serbia attracting AI investments

The team in Serbia demonstrated amazing talent. The attitude the team has shown has been an amazing thing to watch.
Mr. Rohan Kumar, Corporate Vice President, Azure Data, Microsoft
Schneider Electric recognized knowledge, innovation and experience of young engineers in the Republic of Serbia and invested resources in the DMS from Novi Sad, which is now a global center of Schneider Electric research.
Mr. Dragoljub Damjanovic, General Manager, Schneider Electric Serbia
AI will create a whole new way of executing filmmaking. Serbia was the perfect location for us since this region has an incredible group of young and talented people among both the VFX artist and the AI engineering community.
Mr. Nikola Todorovic, Wonder Dynamics

Who else is here?

Record-breaking FDI success:
Serbia has attracted over 4.3 billion EUR in 2022

Creative Knowledge


Honorary mention of "Transforming Public Healthcare and Education Using AI-powered Mixed Reality Technology" by public healthcare in Serbia.​
Serbia’s National AI supercomputing platform was selected as one of 10 best public sector innovation projects by OECD Observatory of Public Service Innovation in 2023.​

Collaborative AI Ecosystem

AI R&D Centers already in Serbia

Science and Technology Parks

Serbian AI Startups

Of the 600 startups in Serbia more than 25% use AI as
their core technology, and around 1/3 use data science

AI Institute

The Institute for Artificial Intelligence Research and Development of Serbia

Deep Computer Vision and Remote Sensing

Pharma and Healthcare sector

Natural Language Processing

Real-time data-driven decision making

Well-being of citizens, Smart Cities, Ecology

Founded in 2021, accredited in 2022. Today, 43 researchers, with 22 PhDs and 21 associates.

Cost Efficient

Belgrade - Novi Sad
Ecosystem in
Top 10
in “European Ecosystems
in Affordable Talent”
by Startup Genome.

Cost Efficient to Set up

  • Corporate Income Tax credit worth 30% of the investment in a startup
  • Tax credit for private individuals investing in VC fund with annual income tax worth 50% of the investment
  • Employee share plans taxed only on capital gains at the moment of sale
  • 70% lower tax for foreigners and Serbian repats
  • 15 free zones with Value Added Tax exemptions for energy consumption, goods

Cost Efficient to Employ

  • 40% less to employ ICT talent in Serbia than in Western Europe
  • Revenue tax is 3% from IP developed in Serbia instead of normal 15%
  • Deduct double of actual R&D costs, pay less in enterprise revenue tax
  • 70% lower tax base for R&D jobs with a salary equal or higher than the national average for 5 years
  • 10 year tax holiday for large investment

70% lower tax for R&D jobs with a salary equal or higher than the national average


Flexible to operate

Government as the AI ecosystem accelerator

  • Extremely high government commitment to AI since 2019
  • Infrastructure and subsidies for AI research, development, business operations
  • Ongoing public AI R&D projects in mobility, clinical health, green transition

Rich supply of homegrown talent

  • 29% STEM graduates
  • AI is embedded in K-12 education programs, mandatory in 7th and 8th grades
  • Deduct double of actual R&D costs, pay less in enterprise revenue tax
  • AI is embedded in university programs, expect 500 students to enroll by 2025

Flexible to operate

Established, highly advanced public-private collaboration

  • AI Institute (43 researchers)
  • Innovation Fund (12 AI projects ongoing)
  • Science Fund (over 200 published research papers)

The Best of Europe

  • More freedom for local government to offer support
  • No visa regime, simplifying international business travel
  • Customs-free access to 1.3 billion consumers
  • EU accession in process

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Stefan Badža
Director for Special Projects
Office of the Prime Minister
Government of Serbia